LED Glow Balls

Interactive Light-UP LED Glow Balls from 18in/24in/36in that can be used as décor or bounced around a room. The lights are controlled using LED control technology so that the colors can be chosen and made to sync to music or blink to the beat or they can be random and fully live controlled. Imagine using these clustered in your pool which is anchored by a weight so that they stay in place and can be fully controlled. You can also place them throughout the pool to enhance the evening festivities. Add a touch of elegance to your event with TLC glow balls.

TLC’s LED Glow balls use RGB LED wireless technology for live radio-controlled lighting. Unlimited color and effects control. Synchronize your glow ball lighting to all of your event lighting using DMX or Xylobands controls. TLC also features wireless RGB spheres and tubes. Engage your audience with inflatable glow balls from TLC. Whether you’re expecting to have an indoor or outdoor event, our glow balls will add that extra illumination for your needs.

Our glow balls can be used in a number of different ways. Get the audience involved by allowing them to toss the inflatable glow balls around throughout the event. Or you can place them in a specific place to add some ambiance to any setting. Place them in water or set them on a tabletop. If you’re looking to really wow the crowd, the glow balls work extremely well when combined with our other products such as our LED Wristbands.