Lasers and Laser Shows



Feature stunning aerial effects and atmospheric displays with dazzling laser-light. High-energy laser visuals communicate a modern, futuristic experience indoors and out. Laser beam effects can bounce and travel in unlimited ways, and systems can be added to dynamically shape the light into mid-air patterns, shapes and motions. Lasers add impressive amounts of excitement!

The laser experts at TLC are ready now to provide professional laser entertainment and laser effects for your production. Lasers enhance, compliment, and exaggerate message points in conference openers. Lasers add powerful visual connections from stage to everyone in the venue, all the way to the back row!

Laser beams to laser light shows; TLC’s award-winning laser specialists from the music touring world, and the ‘visual-music’ laser choreography of the planetarium show era, are crafting unique Laser & special effects experiences for corporate theater, and special events of all kinds.

TLC creates amazing laser display, with over 40 years of professional laser display excellence. Laser and atmospheric effects combinations, projected animations, dynamic visual programming, creative and original laser shows that excite and inspire guests is what TLC does every day.

Our lasers can also perform a number of other exciting tasks such as laser mapping and creating graphics.

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