LED lanyards



Our LED Lanyards create synchronized, immersive experiences that create energy and excitement at all kinds of events. Motivational power is amplified with live controlled light! Intelligent options include groups of Lanyards lighting up in unique colors, and patterns of light that travel across everyone in the venue! TLC creates unique experiences with LED Lanyards, with custom programmed zones and special moments that light up different groups or areas within the event.


One of the unique features of our LED wristbands is the ability to produce controlled zones. We can activate the wristbands in separate groups, sending individual commands to each group. This enables us to produce sophisticated effects such as waves, color blocks, and even pick out individual competition winners.  The lights can flash in time with music or according to any desired pattern.


The flashing battery life on our standard wristband is 8-12 hours, but a longer life battery is available as one of our options. This is ideal for multi-day events allowing 20-24 hours of usage time over the course of a 4 day event.


No matter what size event you have, we can light it up with our amazing, eye catching wristbands. They are a wearable technology phenomenon, creating stunning light shows at events around the world. Whether a corporate or private event, concert or sporting event, audiences, fans and guests are suddenly part of the show.The interactive experience can also integrate with social media through RFID. RFID tags allow you to monitor user details using a registration system and RFID readers at your event. RFID can also include live social media updates, providing a viral buzz even after the event has ended!