Intelligent Water Screens

TLC’s intelligent water system is a revolutionary water display designed to grab your attention. This innovative system controls thousands of water droplets, releasing them in sequence to create breathtaking moving images. It not only captures your attention but leaves you in amazement. The system can display images of just about anything. From logos to text, our system will get your company’s message across. This intelligent water system is the most flexible on the market, requiring no outside water sources or outrageous power requirements. Our innovative design also allows it to come in just about any length thanks to our proprietary sequencing 31.5” modules which connect together in lengths up to 100 feet.


Intelligent water screens create dazzling impact and interactive experiences for guests. The entranceway opening and closing a ‘gate’ in the water-screen became a sensation at this event, with people posing for social media in the display. TLC designed this  installation, which stretched over 90 feet wide, and TLC also brought LED effects to light up the walk-ways into the screen.

The applications for intelligent water screens are diverse and far-reaching. They can be employed in entertainment venues, such as theme parks, concerts, or public spaces, to provide captivating displays that entertain and engage audiences. Additionally, they can be utilized in commercial settings, such as advertising and marketing campaigns, to create unique and attention-grabbing visual presentations.

Moreover, intelligent water screens have the potential to be integrated into architectural designs, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to buildings. They can be used to create stunning facades, entrance features, or even indoor installations that elevate the aesthetics of any environment.

Overall, intelligent water screens represent a fusion of art, technology, and interactivity. They offer a unique and captivating medium for visual expression, capable of transforming any space into a dynamic and enchanting environment that captivates and delights spectators of all ages.