LED Fog Jets

LED Fog Jets are innovative and visually captivating devices that combine the effects of fog and colorful LED lighting to create a mesmerizing and immersive atmosphere. These cutting-edge devices are designed to enhance various settings, including stages, concerts, nightclubs, parties, events, and even home entertainment spaces.

LED Fog Jets utilize advanced technology to generate dense bursts of fog that are illuminated by vibrant LED lights. The fog is expelled from the device in a powerful and controlled manner, creating thick plumes that can reach impressive heights. As the fog rises, it becomes illuminated by the embedded LEDs, resulting in a striking display of vibrant colors that dance through the mist.

These fog jets often feature a wide range of LED colors, allowing for dynamic lighting effects and seamless transitions between hues. With the ability to produce an array of colors, including vibrant primaries, soft pastels, and bold neons, LED Fog Jets can be tailored to suit any desired ambiance or theme.

One of the key advantages of LED Fog Jets is their versatility. They can be synchronized with music or other sound sources, enabling them to pulsate and change colors in time with the beat, creating a captivating visual spectacle. Some models even offer programmable features, allowing users to customize the fog patterns, LED colors, and timing sequences to achieve unique and personalized effects.

In terms of operation, LED Fog Jets are typically user-friendly and straightforward. They can be controlled through a variety of methods, such as remote controls, DMX controllers, or even smartphone apps. These options provide users with flexibility and convenience, allowing for easy adjustments to the fog output, LED colors, and other settings.

LED Fog Jets often incorporate built-in safety features to ensure reliable performance and user protection. These features may include overheat protection mechanisms, automatic shut-off functions, and adjustable fog output intensity. Additionally, some models are equipped with integrated fluid sensors that prevent the device from operating when the fog fluid level is low, avoiding any potential damage.

Whether used as standalone units or as part of a larger lighting and effects setup, LED Fog Jets are sure to captivate audiences and elevate any environment. With their combination of vibrant LED lighting and atmospheric fog, they provide an immersive experience that engages the senses and adds a touch of enchantment to any occasion.


TLC creates FOG EFFECTS for live TV shows, media productions, and at corporate events, meetings, and special events and shows of all kinds. TLC knows atmospheric effects and their unique requirements, getting the best possible visual impact and audience excitement. FOG BURST EFFECTS, like all atmospheric effects, benefit from effective lighting indoors, and can do creative fog bursts in shape, size, and timing. Lighting creates color on the white fog, generating unique fog looks by changing lighting.