Floating Video Hologram


New technology FLOATING VIDEO is the high-resolution ‘holographic’ display getting attention around the world for it’s amazing see-through screen, HD imagery floating in mid-air. TLC Creative creates the floating video hologram displays for all types of events and installations.

Floating Video Walls – Blended Matrix displays

TLC specializes in blended matrix displays, creating large ‘holographic’ imagery of over 15 ft. Creative shapes and screens are bringing this amazing technology to large areas, and TLC can create a custom blended matrix for you.

      • 3D holographic impact & visual excitement, imagery floating in mid-air
      • Instant WOW – viewers are surprised to see new technology
      • Its Not a hologram, Hypervsn is a new technology LED screen
      • Blended Matrix displays create ‘holographic’ imagery over to 10 feet wide
      • Hypervsn is double-bladed – High-resolution HD imagery
      • Hypervsn has very Bright LED – the brightest used in this technology

The large ‘hologram’ displays are powerfully exciting, and feature very bright images. Floating Video features bright 3D imagery floating in mid-air. This means the viewer realizes they can see-though the ‘3D graphics’ to what is beyond the ‘projection’.

TLC Creative provides the 3D ‘hologram’ devices, installations, creative uses, and 3D graphics support, helping to insure maximum impact at your site.

Unique experiences are created with dimensional graphics designed for the Hypervsn technology. Bright, colorful LED is surprising even in the brightest indoor areas but the 3D visuals keep viewers entranced, as they are surprised at the completely see-through display. The low-profile hardware is designed to be mounted on walls, pipes, trussing, and uses standard outlets for power.

TLC created a nine-screen floating video wall for the Golden State Warriors ring ceremony, and the custom rig was created on a mobile platform that allowed TLC to move the display on and off the court very quickly. The large display included a 3D ring animation also created by TLC.