Robotics is a subject that is constantly growing and evolving these days. We have something new to the market, we call it our Techdog or R-dog. It’s a Robot dog that has custom branding along with the versatility of having 2 ipads on its back. R-Dog can deliver a microphone or a bottle of water to the CEO on stage. It has a versatile mounting plate on the top of his back which can be adapted to whatever you can imagine. This robot version of man’s best friend can also pull a little wagon that can have drinks. But it can even bring promotional material, wine bottles, ice cream treats and whatever you could imagine. We are living through a time where we are witnessing robotics being introduced to the world in a phenomenal way. The attention the R-Dog brings to a production is very unique.

Although we know R-Dog will bring excitement to your next event and warm the hearts of your customers, the fun doesn’t stop there. We also have other robotic products that can “wow” any audience. Our 2 wheel Wally is another amazing robot that captures audience attention and our robot arm can deliver drinks or brochures to anyone walking by it.

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