September 15, 2020

Water Special Effects

Water special effects are a captivating and versatile element commonly used in various forms of entertainment. These include movies, stage productions, theme park attractions, and television shows. These effects are designed to mimic the appearance and behavior of water, creating stunning visual spectacles. The effects engage and immerse audiences in […]
August 14, 2020

Mist Screens

FOG CURTAIN – MIST SCREEN Mist screens, also known as fog screens or fog curtains, are innovative technological displays that utilize fine water droplets to create a suspended screen or curtain of mist. These screens are designed to project images, videos, or other visual content onto the mist, creating a […]
July 10, 2020

Projection Water Screens

  Projection water screens, also known as water curtains or water projection screens, are innovative display systems that combine the elements of water and light to create mesmerizing visual experiences. These screens utilize a unique technology that projects images or videos onto a thin sheet of water, creating a stunning […]
June 14, 2020

Intelligent Water Screens

TLC’s intelligent water system is a revolutionary water display designed to grab your attention. This innovative system controls thousands of water droplets, releasing them in sequence to create breathtaking moving images. It not only captures your attention but leaves you in amazement. The system can display images of just about […]
May 25, 2020

Dancing Water

  Dancing Water Tubes are captivating and visually stunning devices designed to create mesmerizing displays of water and light. These innovative tubes combine the elements of water, motion, and colorful illumination to produce a captivating visual experience that delights audiences of all ages. The design of Dancing Water Tubes typically […]